From Louie’s looking out at Manhasset Bay

Thought about my father a lot today.  Think it was because of ‘the message’ I got from him before I left.  I was going through kind of picking the house up and was on the 3rd floor and opened a drawer I don’t usually go in and found an old photo that had some water damage.  It was a black & white of my father at the tiller of a sailboat in Boston Harbor.  I knew this was his way of telling me all would be good and to go with confidence and determination.  To celebrate him I ordered a CC & ginger ale at Louie’s and we all toasted him. My sister in law Beth introduced me to this great song by Little Feat...Voices on the Wind.......”If you stand with your face to the wind off the water, at the point of lands end where the ocean begins.  Look to the memory of the ones gone before.  The light and meaning of the voices on the wind.”  The lyrics of the song resound in me.  Whether on my boat or sitting on the front porch at home, my mind consistently seems to be most at peace on the water.  “Drop all sense of reason, it’s there you’ll find your worth.  And though you are surrounded, feeling quite alone, There’s a light to guide you home.”  The ocean always brings me home.

At Louie’s

First View of New York City

Sailboat race in Long Island Sound

Frank Birgitta and Leif   

Billy, Phil and Linda