The sail from Cuttyhunk to Point Judith today was about 30 miles.  The wind was howling and the seas were building as the day went on.  Frank and Henry rested while I watched the helm.  Persamus left before us and Bonnie Christine and Hun Bun III left together.  It was fun trying to catch up and then crossing paths along the way.  Billy was playing chicken with a boat that he kept getting closer and closer to like he was going to hit them only to realize it wasn’t the Hun Bun after all. 

At one point -- not sure when - Frank said ‘isn’t this nice, so far today I didn’t shoot my wife and she didn’t shoot me either!!   The unknown challenges us.  Tests our relationships strengths.  So far so good.  I know there was a bet on the point if we’d come back loving each other or divorced.  Sorry Joe, don’t think you’re going to win.

Point Judith was beautious.  Known as a ‘Harbor of Safe Refuge’ it was comforting entering in behind the breakwater and getting out from under those strong southwest winds.  Bonnie Christine was already inside and Billy was glowing with delight like a ten year old holding up his first catch.  Looks like bluefish appetizer for dinner tonight.  We headed up into Point Judith Pond within minutes after Persamus pulled in.  The scenery was quintessential New England - beach goers, para-kiters (??) swept across the waters, fishing boats were coming in from their long days, couhoggers were raking for dinners bounty.  We tucked in behind Gardner Island way up inside Point Judith for some protection from the wind.  Anchored all 3 of us close together and went over to Bonnie Christine for dinner.  Linda (Dunc) brought a very tasty lasagna for everyone and Linda Lou (Stella) made a fresh salad and hot bread.  Billy proudly grilled and served his bluefish filets.  The moon rising above the tree line awed all of us.  We were grateful for our day.


Inside the “Harbor of Refuge”