Christa, Frank & Henry the Siamese Sailor watch as Frank raises the main.

i want to FIRST acknowledge the anniversary of 9/11 today.  my thoughts and heart go out to our nation and those who lost loved ones and those who are still affected by the tragedy of the day.  Today i will begin my adventure with the thought to try to live each day of life to its fullest and everyday to be thankful for my family, friends and for being an American.

Linda bounds down the ramp onto the dock - plastic glasses, champagne and air horn in hand.  Leif did the Volga song and everyone ‘whooshed’ in unison.  Frank hoisted the main, Linda sounded the air horn and we were off.  Bill & Leslie Mullin surprised us with an attack off the port side in their dinghy with well wishes as we exited the guys are great :)

Folks were on the jetty waving at the harbor’s entrance.  Yes Joan, we saw the towel flying....we will open the beach/clubhouse with you again in just a short time.  No worries.  Not sure of exactly what I was thinking, but at one point I know it was, day 1, about 270 to go.  Go from what an awesome adventure awaits to what the hell am I doing.  Frank took the helm and I went down to take a nap.  The inside of the boat was chaos but it didn’t seem to matter for now.  Before we got to the canal, still somewhat emotionally and physically tired, new life seemed to creep into me.  It’s always been a favorite place for me to go through because it reminds me of 30 years ago being with my brother and his friends going under the railroad bridge at night. Today was even more special as Jan, Boot, Beth, Kevin & Jack were on the water’s edge under the Bourne Bridge waving American Flags wishing us well on our journey.  That was really awesome and we will miss you all.  Thanks for the photo of us going through the canal. Above is one back at you - we’ll call and email.......

After passing under the railroad bridge, much to my excitement I saw my brother and sister in law Barbara zipping around us in the center console, escorting us to Marion harbor for night number one.  My brother Scott was the hardest for me to leave (right up there with you ma).  I’ll try not to make him crazy by calling his cell every day.  I’ll miss you terribly.  Thanks Scott and Barbara for making my day even more special than it was.  Thanks Carl for the great mooring in Marion Harbor.  Leif and Birgitta rafted up with us as Scott and Barbara headed for home and we watched the moonrise together.


Hey Hun - have you seen the bag with my pocketbook in it.  with his i’m so happy to be on my sailboat smile, he shrugs his shoulders.  remembering it was in the same bag with his shoes, i ask again about the shoe bag -- hey hun, where do you think the bag is with your shoes in it.  the happy sailor shrugs his shoulders.  right then I knew.  phoned ever ready fast eddie and asked a favor -- ever willing he grabbed mark and paul and headed for the dumpster at the boat club.  mission - find the cash, charge cards and passports that were missing.  after some dumpster diving mark found the white rubbish bag with the shoes, bowl of fruit (i know, what was I thinking) and the pocketbook.  Instantly calling us to tell us of their success, I could hear linda yelling ‘amateur’ in the background.  FAST EDDIE was laughing out loud  --  “It’s just another seinfeld episode on the point”.  today’s lesson was, don’t put good things in rubbish bags if you don’t want someone to throw them away!!

HI MA - MISS YOU ALREADY. that was a pretty good passport premonition - you did warn me.  I know everyone up there is watching over US.      :)         LOVE YOU.