Been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to get home.  Look at that spoiled dog over there.  speaking of spoiled dogs.... Hi sasha, if you can hear me, please call for a rescue team.

Day 4 - Starting to realize I’ve been held captive and there is no portal back to Cedar Point or Scituate.  Thought by now Ed would have sent a search party for me.  Rough seas again.  When am I ever going to get off this boat.  Hey - it was when am I going to get off -- not you two.  Locked in tight.  They say it’s to protect me.  I just want my freedom.  What’s that noise outside.  I think I hear something.  Reminds me of that deliverance movie.....da da da da da da......ok get a hold of your imagination Henry.  Maybe if I meow loud enough someone will hear me.  I hear them coming back.  I’ll start the plaintiff cry of the sad siamese wailing to make them feel bad.  Theyll think I’ve been crying all night.  I am glad they’re back.  Hard not to purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr when they pat me.  I think I’m still mad a them though.

Day 5 - I’m exhausted...........fell asleep and woke up and it was the next day already. 

Day 6 - Aahhhhhhh sunrise.  Heard the radio say, “good morning Branford” - guess I’m in Brandford.  Not a bad cove area.  Cool big birds to look at.  They better watch out cause if they get any closer they’re my breakfast.  I can take them Ed!  I love waking up mom and dad to let me out so I can go roam.  But the doors already open.  MEOW MEOW anyway, they may as well be up too. Wait til they see what I left them last night.  They’ll know I was here then when they clean up my bathroom, drank and ate extra just to give them a little something substantive this morning.  The doors already open and not far to roam to, unless I learn to like swimming.  Hmmmmmmmm.  What’s this.  I’ve seen people go to shore in one of these - Maybe I can figure it out.  Looks like it has an engine.  Wonder if I can get on board.  Yes, yes, I’m heading for home, leaving that big rolly boat behind.  Heading out in my own little boat.  Heading back to Scituate.

Do they know I’m gone yet?

Funny how the scenery doesn’t change.  I’m coming home Patty and Ed - get ready for me  :)

Day 3 - Point Judith - did you mean to say Cedar Point - are we going to Cedar Point....yippee, I’m going home.  I’m surrounded now big big waves, the boat is pitching up and down, right and left.  Too scared to go out into the cockpit.  There’s salt water spray getting everywhere.  It’ll be worth it when I’m back in Cedar Point.  What, what did that sign say......Point Judith; that’s not home.  I spent much of the night in every nook and cranny of the boat.  Convinced there is a portal somewhere that will ‘beam me back home’.  I even tried clicking my paws together three times like Toto did with Dorothy.  That didn’t work.  Hey, is that Billy over there again.  What’s he got.  Looks like fish.  Yummy, I love fish.  Yeah Billy -- look at that fish, can’t wait to have some of that.  Ma and Dad must be going to get me some.  What’s taking them so long.  Finally now that it’s 3 hours past sunset they’re coming back.  But I’m getting fresh fish.  Hey, what.  Where are you going?  Did you bring me back some of that fish Billy caught?  That was a bummer.  Don’t they know Siamese Persian Princes love their fresh caught fish.  Obviously not.  Kind of pretty here as I take watch while the folks sleep.  The full orange moon is now white and high in the sky.  The stars are very bright, I think I need to wear shades.  Just wanted to say that.  Menyanah.

Day 1 - Yes, it was a cage.  Soft sided too and when they picked me up in it they squished me into a tee pee shape for god sakes -- I’m a Siamese, the Persian Prince, not Crazy Horse, OMG (been sneak reading mom’s emails, LOL).  I meowed so loud I hurt my vocal cords and still no one paid attention to me.  Hey, there’s Ed - Ed, help me, get me out of here, Ed, Ed.  Oh, there’s Patty, hey Patty, remember me, you Love Love Love me.  Help me, where are they taking me.  The one mile car ride seemed to take hours.  Oh great, now I’m sitting here alone in a stone parking lot -- hello, anyone out there?  I could get run over just sitting here.

Woah - in flight now. hey watch out for that dock rail. Meow. Meoooooooooowwwwwwww.  Who are all these people.  I don’t like them, I want to go home.  Oh no, not that small boat surrounded by water, no, don’t put me on there.